Digital Marketing

Social Media

Responsible for managing Footloose' Social Media pages; content selection, follower engagement, posting, and analytic measurement. During that time, Footloose' Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram following grew by approximately 1000 follows, and engagement (retweets, mentions, favourites, etc). Was also responsable for implementing multi-channel promotions and contests, and conducting cross promotional opportunities with partnered brands. 


  • In 3 months had Footloose the top organic search result on Google. 
  • Generated visibility with targeted keywords in order to achieve the goal of new organic traffic.
  • Built relationships with partners in our industry, and leveraged their qualified traffic to grow our referral traffic.

Paid Content

Involved in the local "SHOUTOUTS HAMILTON" media presence. Which is a social media management business who's vision is to recognize local residents, businesses and products in Hamilton.
I have been responsable for distributing marketing content through media channels, in the most effective way to get the right people to read it. Worked with local small business to provide reviews, write ups, and general 'shout outs'.